Additional Plugin Settings

You can start using the Travelpayouts plugin immediately after you enter your Affiliate Token and Marker. To configure Additional Plugin Settings, go to Settings > Settings.

Attention! After the plugin installation, all Additional Settings will be set to default. Changing them is optional.


  • Error Message – Enter the text message to be displayed if a server connection error occurs.
  • Action after click
    • Show Search Form – a visitor will be redirected to a page on our website that includes a completed search form. In this case, a search button should be pressed to see the search results.
    • Show Search Results - a visitor will instantly be redirected to the search results page that features available hotel and flight bookings according to information specified in the widget/table.
  • Distance Units – available options:
    • KM - kilometers;
    • M - miles (for U.S. audience).
  • Airlines Logo Size (px) – supported image size: from... to...
  • Buttons in the editor - size of buttons.
  • Redirect – a 301 redirect will be activated.
  • Open in a New Window – a link will be opened in a new window.
  • Add Nofollow Attribute – all links will have a nofollow attribute set as default.
  • Turn off statistics and blog updates - turn off statistics and blog updates if you get any errors.
  • Use plugin's scripts on all pages - check if you want then tables work in the sidebar, in comments block and ets.
  • Cache Timeout – time the data is stored in the databapressingse. Cached data is loaded faster.
    • Day;
    • Hour.
  • Script Include – a place to include the script of the plugin.
    • Header – website header. The script will be loaded first, before the website content.
    • Footer – script will be loaded after all website content is loaded. Widgets and tables can be loaded with a delay in this case.
  • Date Format – all WordPress standard date formats are supported.
  • Event tracking. "Find" button - the key of event for Google Analytics.
  • Event tracking. Table is loaded - the key of event for Google Analytics.
  • Settings Import – import of previously exported settings.
  • Export – export of current settings to a file.

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