Plugin Widgets Settings

You can start using widgets in your posts immediately after the plugin installation. If you must customize the Widget properties, go to the Widgets section.


Widgets properties:

  • Help link:
    • Widget Example - hover to see a preview of the widget;
    • Travepayouts Help - a reference to the article on this widget in our knowledge repository.
  • Number of Widgets – number of widgets on a single page.
  • One Way – check to display only one-way flights.
  • Draggable – check to make the map draggable.
  • Select Color – map style customization.
  • Additional Marker – use Additional Marker to track clicks in a widget.
  • Destination – specify the city of arrival.
  • Disable Zoom – apply a maximum map zoom limit.
  • Origin – specify the city of departure.
  • Period – specify the vacation period.
  • Size (px) – widget size.
  • Pin Size – specify map pin size in pixels.
  • Responsive – some of our widgets are responsive. They will automatically fit to the page size.
  • Hide Logo – check to remove the Aviasales logo from the widget.
  • Direct Flights Only – check to display only flights with no stops.
  • Scroll Wheel Zoom – check to enable mouse scroll zoom on an embedded map.
  • Width (px) – widget width.

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