Plugin Tables Settings

You can start using tables in your posts immediately after plugin installation. If you need to customize the table properties, go to the Flight Tickets section.

You can customize each table’s content in the Tables Content tab and set global table styles in the Layout tab. In the Themes tab you can select custom theme for your tables and setup action in the Other settings tab if empty answer received.


Tables Content

To customize a certain table, click on its name in the list. An appropriate block with table settings will open.


Table properties:

  • Additional Marker – specify a marker to track clicks on the links in a table. This field has a default value allowing you to accurately determine the table that generates income for you.
  • Destination – city of arrival.
  • Button Text – text to be displayed on the button in the table. A price variable can be used to add the price to the button text.
  • Limit – max number of strings to display.
  • Number of stops – choice of the allowable number of stops (all - displays all variants).
  • Origin – city of departure.
  • Paginate – add switches to the continuation of the list of data under the table.
  • Rows per Page – set the number of rows to be shown in a table. If the number of table entries exceeds the specified rows number, pagination will be applied (you should select the Paginate check box).
  • Table Columns – add, remove, and change the order of columns in the table. Please note that sorting by first column is set as the default.
  • Title – table title. Use the Airline variable to automatically put the airline name into the table title. Origin and Destination variables can also be used to automatically set the city of departure and the city of arrival, respectively. You will be able to change the table title when placing it in the post.
  • Title Tag - HTML tag for the table title. This may be standard header tag h1, h2, h3, h4 or div tag.


To configure the design of table, go to Layout.


In the settings, you can:

  • change header style;
  • change content;
  • change borders;
  • change background;
  • change table header background;
  • change table header font;
  • show data as hyperlinks - when you click on the data cell, the search page will open;
  • enable Horizontal Scroll - the tables' width won't be 100% of your content zone. When you resize your content zone (e.g., you have a responsive WP theme), tables won't affect your design, but will have a horizontal scroll.


Select the theme of tables that you need to see on your website.


Other settings

Sometimes it happens our cash doesn't contain relevant data to the request you have set. Here you can set what users will see in such cases


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