Link to the hotel search form

Note: to create an affiliate link, you must be registered with Travelpayouts.

To create a link for hotels searching on your dashboard go to the Links generator section. Here you can both select the type of link you want and configure various options.


You can quickly create a link to any page of the program’s website using our extension for Chrome or using the CREATE A LINK menu:


Link to hotels filled search form

You can create links to the main page of Hotellook with the completed search form. For example,5

The following parameters can be passed in the link:

  • destination — the destination of city or hotel
  • checkIn — the check-in date
  • checkOut — the check-out date
  • adults — number of adults
  • children — age of childrens, separated by commas

After that use the Links generator to create affiliate link with your ID.

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