Links to the search results of hotels

Travelpayouts affiliates can generate links to the page of hotel search results. For this purpose it needs to use a link like:

And it needs to be put at the end of your affiliate marker:

  • adults — Number of adults
  • children[] — Age of each child (can be several). You can also specify as: children=1,2,3, where 1, 2 and 3 — age of children
  • checkIn & checkout — Date of check in/check out in the format yyyy-mm-dd. Instead of an exact date of check in and check out, you can specify the autoDates=1 In this case, the search will be made at the next following dates
  • currency — Currency (tree ISO-code letters), which displays the cost of the room
  • marker — Affiliate marker
  • language — Search result language, supported languages: ru-ru, en-us, de-de, es-es, fr-fr, th-th, pl-pl, it-it

The destination is specified by one of the following options:

  • destination=MOW — IATA A/C (only uppercase letters)
  • destination=paris — City name
  • destination=hotel%20metropole — Hotel name
  • locationId=123 — City id
  • hotelId=8992 — Hotel id

Links to the search results of hotels can contain filter settings. To select a filter, just apply it to the list of hotels and copy the added parameter from the address bar. To only leave hostels in the search results, for example, add the following parameter to the link #f%5Btypes%5D=7. Eventually, the link will look like:,2&locale=en&currency=usd&marker=PutHereYourMarker#f%5Btypes%5D=7

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