Affiliate programs tools

Once you connect to a program from the Travelpayouts catalog, you will have access to all the affiliate tools of that brand. 

Please note that the list of tools for each program is different. To see the available tools for an individual program, open its page and click on the Tools tab.

The left side of the window will display sections with information about the program's tools.

For more information on what's available on the program page, see the article About Programs.

What tools are available in Travelpayouts

  • Links — perhaps the simplest tool. It looks just like the ordinary link to the travel-brand site, but it contains your unique partner ID. Links are of two kinds: ready-made links, which you can copy from the program’s page and paste on your resource, as well as links that are created with the help of a link creation form - a tool for creating partner links with your ID to any page of the travel brand's site.
  • Widgets elements of a user interface that the user can interact with (e.g., a search form, calendar, or useful resource). There are two types of widgets: ready-made and customizable. For the latter, you can change the appearance and style (color, default data, etc.) in order to better fit the widget on your site.
  • White Label — a particular type of widget that displays the result of the interaction (for example, search for flights) on the page of your site, without going to the travel brand's site. Using White Label makes your visitor's path smooth and not interrupted by going to a third-party page.
  • API — a set of queries that can be used to retrieve different data (flights from different cities, prices, different offers from travel brands). This tool is suitable for partners who understand the development process and can read the code or have a team of developers.
  • Landing pages — independent websites or individual web pages whose main purpose is to provide the user with limited information about products or services and to induce the user to take action.
  • Banners — images that contain a link to a travel-brand site. Please note, that most users do not pay attention to banners, and many have ad blockers that hide banners from the site pages.

In addition to these tools, the Travelpayouts platform also features:

  • WordPress plugin — allows you to embed widgets and links into your WordPress site using a plugin. It can also embed SEO-friendly tables on airline tickets and hotels.
  • LinkSwitcher — If your site already has direct links to websites of brands included in the Travelpayouts catalog, you can quickly replace them with Travelpayouts affiliate links. These links will contain your partner ID, allowing you to earn money from users who click on them and buy travel services.
  • Travel App — an app template for finding flights and hotels. With the Travel App, you can create your own app, customize its look and feel, and earn rewards for purchases made using it.

The list of tools

A description of all tools together with useful links can be found in your affiliate dashboard in the Tools section. 

If you click on Explore programs with…, a list of programs filtered by this tool will open.