What is the White Label for mobile app

Quite a large number of affiliates have their own websites, which using White Label. At the same time, the share of traffic from mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) is already over 50%. Previously, this traffic could be monetized only through the website. Now affiliates are available to customize the mobile application, its link for download will appear while opening the White Label on your mobile device.

A mobile application based on the White Label is an application for iOS devices (which will be available for Android later), that each affiliate can customize for themselves. The application can be designed using the style of the affiliate's website, contain a unique description, mail for communication with affiliate, additional links.

When installing a mobile application, users are assigned to the affiliate on a permanent basis. This is important to remember in addition to the fact that the "first come, first served" principle operates here. The fact is that actually the same application is always installed, but its appearance is determined by the settings of the specific affiliate.

At the first clickthrough the link in the Apple Store, the user is attached to the affiliate. In case the user has installed a mobile application of one of the affiliates, deleted it after, and then will try to install your mobile application - it will still have the application of the first affiliate. 

Configuring mobile application

Pay attention! Before activating the White Label mobile app, go to https://www.travelpayouts.com/developers/api. When you open this section the API token will generate. It is necessary for correct application work. This should be done only once after registering in Travelpayouts.

To configure the mobile application, open the White Label section, then create/select the required White Label and click the Mobile application tab. Check the box "Activate mobile app". After that, the fields for configuring the mobile application will appear.

Basic parameters

In the Basic Parameters section, you can fill in the following fields:

  • URL to install your app - created automatically if the White Label is configured correctly. This link you can share with other people, post on social networks or send in the mailing. When you clickthrough on the link, the device automatically redirects to the appstore;
  • Mobile marker (additional marker for the application) - use to collect additional statistics on reservations and sales via mobile application. More about the additional marker. The mobile marker can contain numbers, Latin letters and underscores (_);
  • Type - air tickets, hotels or mixed. Type determines which forms of search will be displayed on the webpage;
  • Default currency – the currency in which the price is displayed;
  • Origin/Destination point by default - you can choose the city of departure and arrival, which will be specified in the fields of the ticket search form by default;
  • Hotels. Default city or hotel - specify the city or hotel, which will be listed by default in the hotel search form;
  • Logo URL - a link to the logo, this image is displayed in the "More about application" section;
  • Your email for users' feedback is for receiving requests through the application.

Language and description

Please pay attention! These settings apply only to the installed application. The description and images in the Apple Store are always the same.

  • Language - the basic language that will be used in the application;
  • App's title is displayed in the "More about application" section;
  • App's short description is displayed in the "More about application" section;
  • Additional links - this unit is dedicated to add the links, which will be displayed in the section "More about application".

You are free to add more languages. In this case, the language of the application itself depends on the device settings. In this setting unit, you can change only the description of the section "More about application" for different languages. It is not necessary to add all the languages available in the White Label. By default, the section "More about application" displays the text for the basic language.

Color theme

In this unit, you can select the color theme of the mobile application. There are several preset options, and you can customize individual colors in the style of your White Label website.

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