Configuring brands' widgets

Many brands in Travelpayouts affiliate network have custom widgets. You’re able to change the style, title, or select the values that will be in the fields of the widget by default.

Please pay attention! Facebook and other social networks prohibit posting third-party codes. For work through social networks, use your affiliate links.

To configure the widget and get its code for posting on your website, go to the Hotellook affiliate program, select Tools and find the Widgets section.

To move to the widget editor, click the Customize button. If the button is missing, the setting is not possible.


You will see a form consisting of two parts in setup mode. The bottom part contains the widget’s customizable settings with a preview is displayed at the top. Preview allows you to see exactly how the widget will look on the website. Each time you change the parameter values at the bottom, the upper one automatically changes.

Basic parameters found in widget settings (each widget has its own set of customizable fields):

  • Width
  • Background color (HEX — format)
  • The color of the substrate under the shape
  • Color of the insurance section
  • Backlight color
  • Automatically start a search
  • Country of travel
  • The beginning of the trip
  • End of the trip
  • Number of tourists
  • Type of display (horizontal / vertical)
  • Animation
  • Number of lines
  • Number of columns
  • The width of the cell
  • Appearance — tiles
  • Additional content

If there is a check box titled «start search automatically» in the widget settings, then you can start the search automatically when you open a page with a widget. To start the auto search, you need to specify:

  • Country of travel
  • The beginning of the trip
  • The end of the trip
  • Number of tourists

The Code field displays the automatically generated widget code that you need to copy and paste on the website page.