Creating your own app with Travel App template from Travelpayouts

Travel App by Travelpayouts is a tool that helps users create a mobile app in the form of a flight aggregator and/or hotel booking platform based on ready-made templates. You can then name and brand your app before publishing it on Google Play or the App Store.

Anyone with an Android or iOS device can then download your app and use it for their travel needs. For every flight and hotel booked, you’ll get 50% of the revenue made by Aviasales and Hotellok, respectively, for those bookings.  

What the Travel App includes 

The Travel App includes the following features:

  • API library this is software that hosts data from Aviasales and Hotellook. It ensures that users can see and book the same ticket and hotel listings as on the brands’ websites. 
  • Interface templates and customization options – These include the app design, all search forms, filters, buttons, and more. You can customize these elements when configuring the application. 
  • Supports the English language.

Note! Partners who have basic programming experience or are able to bring in a programmer for guidance are best suited for Travel App. 

The tool makes it easy for partners to set up and customize the necessary parameters (e.g., remove a tab, add your logo/brand name, change the colors) and post the completed app to Google Play or the App Store.

Which operating systems the Travel App supports

The Travel App can be created for the following mobile operating systems:

  • Android
  • iOS

How to Create Your App on Travel App

  1. Create an account on Travelpayouts. Without an account, you can’t access the necessary brand assets, such as the API keys needed to build the app.  
  2. Connect to the necessary partner programs:
  1. Follow the instructions in the step-by-step guides for Android and iOS users.
  2. If you have any questions during the setup process, contact our support team

Travel App for Android Features

Travel App for Android supports all devices with Android mobile OS with API versions from 21.

A template Travel App project for Android includes popular tools to help increase conversion:

  • Flights tags special tags, such as "cheapest", "fastest", etc. Tickets with these tags are always displayed at the top of the search results.
  • Direct flights widget all non-stop tickets, sorted by increasing price, will automatically appear at the top of the search results screen.
  • Direct flights filter allows you to leave only non-stop flights in the search results.
  • Price chart a chart with the prices of flights on upcoming dates.
  • Real-time flight search update the user can see the list of available tickets as they are downloaded, there’s no need to wait for all results.

Travel App for iOS Features

The template is compatible with Xcode 14.2.

Examples of application screens

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