Travelpayouts Travel App template
Travel App is no longer supported.
If you are looking for a solution that will help you create your own app, we suggest you use White Label App.

Why is the Travel App no longer supported?

Despite the fact that the Travel App has been on the market for a long time, we have not had the opportunity to update and improve it due to technical limitations. At the same time, we realize that competition in the travel industry is growing and users are becoming more and more demanding to the quality of services and their functionality.

That's why we decided to create a new solution on a paid basis — the White Label App, which will allow us to ensure stable development of the tool, and invest in technology, support, and functionality expansion, which will guarantee your users the best service and access to many new features.

All existing Travel Apps continue to work for now, but we recommend switching to White Label App for an improved experience.

What’s new in the White Label App?

For you:

  • Improved speed: We have significantly improved the speed of the app.
  • More customization options: Our updated app allows you to customize it to your style. You can change the background, color scheme, icons, style of elements and sections, search form headers, and title to make the app fully match your brand and unique style.
  • Revenue from ads: Added new places for ads - you can now add ads to your app using Appodeal and as a banner above the search results rendition.
  • Additional revenue streams: The solution permits the integration of 2 webview tabs for your web content or products. This can be your travel guide or blog. You can also here insert affiliate links allowing users to purchase additional travel services (like travel insurance or excursions), that’s a great way to earn additional rewards. 
  • Improved instructions and support: We've developed detailed instructions on how to set up the app so you can quickly and easily learn all its features. Our support team is always ready to answer your questions and help you with any problems.
  • Analytics via Firebase: Now you can analyze your users' behavior and customize additional features with Firebase, including notifications.

For your users:

  • Updated Design: We have completely redesigned the app, making it more user-friendly and edgy.
  • More languages and RTL support: The app is now available in 26 languages, including Arabic and other right-to-left spelling languages. You can also add your own unique language if you don't find the right one in the list.
  • New Features: We've added many new features including advanced filters, direct flight widgets, price charts, additional tips, and more.
  • Bookings Management: With our app, you can easily save your favorite destinations to favorites and share tickets or hotels with friends, making trip planning even more convenient.

How to launch your White Label App

To launch your app you need to sign up for Travelpayouts and purchase an annual access subscription to the White Label App.

Your subscription will be valid for 12 months, during which you can create an unlimited number of apps for both iOS and Android. We will provide you with detailed setup instructions to help you create your app flawlessly.

Please read more in this article: White Label App: a low-code solution for creating your own mobile app.