Placing "Hello Travelpayouts" on your website or channel

Why am I asked to place this phrase?

Sometimes it is not clear that the website or YouTube channel specified in the Project truly belongs to the partner. For example: 

  • if the partner's account is associated with an email that is not listed in the site’s or channel's contacts
  • if the partner's email contains a domain different from the website
  • when the name in the description of the YouTube channel doesn't match the name in the partner's Travelpayouts profile 

In these cases, partners may be denied connection to the program and receive an email asking to place the Hello Travelpayouts text on any page of the website or in the "About" section of the YouTube channel. That way the Travelpayouts team can verify that the promotional channel indeed belongs to the partner.

This article covers some of the most common questions partners have when placing the code.

Where should I place the phrase?

For the websites, you can place the text on any page of your website from your Project, with which you were trying to connect to a program.

For the YouTube channels, simply place the text in the About section of your channel.

The main thing is to send a link to that page to the Travelpayouts team so that we can confirm its placement. 

Should the phrase be visible to the website users?

No, it’s not necessary! You can include Hello Travelpayouts in the code of the page — then the phrase won't appear on the page, but we will still be able to find it in the code.

What do I do after the phrase is placed? 

Once you've placed the phrase, reply to the email from Travelpayouts with the URL of the page where the code is placed or with a link to your YouTube channel. We will check it and verify that the resource belongs to you. This process usually takes around 2 business days.

When can I remove the phrase?

The phrase is only needed so that we can verify that the resource really belongs to you. Once you place the phrase – inform our support team. We will check that the phrase is placed and contact you to confirm the verification. After that, you will be able to remove it.