Emerald performance overview

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On the Performance tab you can see the following information:

  • The name of the Projects where the Emerald is enabled with a possibility to add additional projects by clicking the Add more button.
  • Performance overview containing total information on:
    • Unique users — the number of unique users who visited your blog. The parameter is calculated based on the user’s IP address.
    • Page views — the total number of times the pages on your website, which are monetized by Emerald, were viewed within the chosen period.
    • Potential earnings — the earnings you will receive from pending bookings if the brands confirm them.
    • Earnings — earnings that your website pages, monetized by Emerald, generated within the chosen period.
  • Table with statistics for the affiliate tools inserted by Emerald to the pages of your blog:
    • Date — the date of interaction with a partner instrument.
    • Processed pages with traffic — the number of pages monetized by Emerald that drove traffic (visits, views, clicks, etc.).
    • Clicks — the number of clicks on affiliate tools and links.
    • All bookings — the total amount of bookings made.
    • Paid bookings — the number of completed and paid bookings.
    • Pending bookings — the total amount of bookings made.
    • Potential payouts — displays the total (potential) earnings from bookings including the ones with a Pending status.
    • Payouts — the earnings received by the partner from the paid bookings.

The data on the page can be filtered by time period.

Important 💡 Statistics are shown in total for all tools placed by Emerald on your websites. Currently, there is no possibility to see statistics for each tool or page separately, but you can check the statistics per each Project (website) one by one.