How to fix broken links on your website

Have you ever experienced a situation where previously placed links on your website stop working, resulting in a 400 or 404 error? It can occur for various reasons, but the outcome remains the same - you're losing money because users can't make purchases using these links.

Manually going through all the articles on your website to check and fix these links sounds like an impossible task. Fortunately, Travelpayouts is here to help!

With the LinkSwitcher tool, you can easily identify broken or missing page affiliate links across your website. LinkSwitcher will pinpoint each broken link and the webpage, where the link is located. With this tool you can quickly find all broken links, so you can replace them with functioning ones, ensuring that your articles remain up-to-date and useful for your readers.

How to detect broken links using LinkSwitcher

To use this feature you need to make sure LinkSwitcher is installed on your website. You can find detailed instructions here.

Once the script is installed, you can use the Review invalid links feature on the LinkSwitcher page of your Travelpayouts account.

LinkSwitcher analyzes the following types of links

  • Travelpayouts affiliate links
  • Affiliate links from the brand's direct affiliate programs
  • Affiliate links from other affiliate networks
  • Regular links to the travel brand's websites (for example to

Important! LinkSwitcher script scans your content for invalid links every 24 hours.
This means that after you replace broken links, they won't immediately disappear from the list in your Travelpayouts account.

If the button is inactive and you see the All good label, it means all links on your website are working properly.

To view the list of your broken links:

1. Click the Review links button.

2. You’ll then see the pop-up with the list of all invalid links and pages where they are located. You can easily open the page by clicking the Open button, or copy an invalid link and search it manually:

3. Replace the links on your website with the working ones and wait 24 hours to double-check the list in your Travelpayouts account and make sure that all of the links are now working properly.

You can check other features of LinkSwitcher in the LinkSwitcher Settings article.