Sales report

Sales report

Report content

The report contains information about all clicks, searches, purchases, and clients brought in by the affiliate.


The table contains the following columns:

  • Visitors – Number of people who have clicked an affiliate link to Jetradar or Hotellook and who have made at least one search.
  • Searches – Number of searches (people who entered a query and clicked "Search").
  • Clicks – Number of visitors who have clicked a link in the search results.
  • Paid clicks - some agencies pay us for clicks on the links. Information about calculating of revenue isn't disclosed. If we detect attempts to fake clicks, the affiliate account may be blocked.
  • Bookings – Number of visitors who have booked tickets/hotel rooms.
  • Paid Bookings – Number of paid bookings.
  • Revenue – Income received by the affiliate from paid-for bookings.
  • Pending revenue – Total income from bookings currently being processed.
  • Ads revenue - Rewards for clicks on advertising media on the sites of our projects Aviasales, Hotellook, and Jetradar (the procedure of calculation and the amount of rewards are not disclosed). Statistics are updated once a day.
  • Referrals – Income received by the affiliate from referrals.
  • CTR – Click-through rate.
  • STR – Sell-through rate (clicks vs. bookings).
  • CPC – Cost per click (your income).
  • CPS – Average cost per search (your income).
  • CPU – Cost per user (your income)

Affiliates should pay close attention to the STR and CPU. These values allow for the assessment of the effectiveness of the tools and sources used to attract clients. The higher these numbers, the better the quality of the affiliate's traffic.

Good-quality traffic is targeted traffic, i.e., visitors who are using search not out of idle curiosity but to find and book tickets to a place of interest. This kind of traffic can be obtained from tourism-related sites and blogs.

Report settings

Above the table is an area with settings and filters. With these, an affiliate can select content from the first column and filter the contents of the table. The first column can display:

  • Products – Statistics are split up for flight destinations and hotels.
  • Days – Statistics are shown separately for each day.
  • Markers – Statistics on the additional markers created by the affiliate.
  • Hosts – Statistics shown for sites from which affiliate traffic has come.

After conditions have been chosen for grouping and filtering, click the Apply button.

The Detailed Information about Booking

Detailed information about the booking of airline and hotel tickets may be received by clicking on the corresponding link in the table. The table, containing the statistics on the month’s dates, will be opened:

If there were bookings, the link to them will open in the column Booking. Click on the link to get the detailed information:


The table contains the following information:

  • Time — The time of the booking.
  • Status — The status of the booking.
  • Price — The cost of the ticket.
  • Income — The income received by a partner. It is the amount you will receive.
  • Route — The route of the tickets.
  • Tickets — The number of tickets.
  • Departure date — The date of departure.
  • Arrival date — The date of arrival.
  • Marker — The partner marker with which a booking has been made. If you use an additional marker, it will be specified in this column after the main marker.
  • Gate — An agency or airline company through which the booking has been carried out.

The booking status

We make it a rule to not amend the information we receive from the agencies. There may be times when some agencies transfer information late or cannot send the booking cancellation status.

For example, “Superkassa” does not activate “Cancellation” when the booking has been made, but was not paid. In fact, where the status “In process” is active for 24 hours, the booking shall not be paid and shall not receive the status “Paid”. “OneTwoTrip” transfers information about the paid transactions. transfers information about all bookings and properly assigns the status “Cancelled” if a booking is not paid. FlyDubay and S7 transfer the information, time-lagged, several days, etc.

We do not require standardization or amendment of the information transferred by the agencies. In terms of the work and analysis of the reports, you should take into account the peculiarities of such agencies.

Additional marker

An additional marker is a parameter that allows for the tracking of sales separately for each traffic source/promo material.


Say that you are using several promo materials on different parts of various sites: a search module in the sidebar, links to ticket searches in site articles, a banner in the footer, etc.

To get separate statistics for each promo material, you must use additional markers.

Statistics on additional markers

For statistics on additional markers, go to Report -->Sales report. Information can be grouped by markers.

Example: of how to place an additional marker in a link, where “sidebar” is the additional marker.

In the form builder, the additional marker is set using a special field. You should enter only the marker in the field, without additional characters. The marker can contain numbers, Latin letters, underscores (_), and hyphens (-).

Creation of a text link is similar in this regard: an additional marker can be added to a link through the form builder on the affiliate account page.

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