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How can I generate an affiliate URL for finding plane tickets?

To create a link for searching for plane tickets, on your account page go to the Text Link section. Here you can both select the type of link you want and configure various options.


You can also create links yourself to various pages on our site. Simply add the following text to the end of the link: ?marker=AffiliateID.

Link to homepage, where AffiliateID is your unique affiliate ID code:


Link to hot prices map


Link to hot prices map without an additional marker:

Link to hot prices map with an additional marker:

How can I generate an affiliate URL for search results?

Query URL: DomainName/searches/new

where DomainName is "", except for when a link leads to an affiliate White Label site. For a White Label, use the affiliate subdomain on which the White Label is hosted.

How to pass query parameters

Pass query parameters with the GET method.

Query parameters/descriptions



Default value


Departure city

Moscow (MOW)


Arrival city

St. Petersburg (LED)


Departure date



Return date



“One way only” check box



Number of adults (over 12 years old)



Number of children (2 to 12 years old)



Number of infants (0 to 2 years old)



Ticket class (Economy: 0, Business: 1, First: 2)



Marker (unique affiliate code)



Initiate search automatically (true: the search is loaded, false: the form is filled out but search does not start)


Detailed description of query parameters

  • origin_iata/destination_iata - departure and arrival airports – strings. Recommended values: "IATA code for city".
  • depart_date/return_date - departure/return dates – string. Recommended format: "Y-m-d" ("yy-mm-dd" for JQuery).
  • one_way - “One way only” check box, equal to 1 or 0.
  • adults/children/infants - number of adults, children, and infants – numbers.

No more than nine seat-occupying passengers (adults + children) can be in a single query. Infants travel without their own seat and are carried by the adults. The number of infants cannot exceed the number of adults. If the number of infants is larger than the number of adults, the excess number of infants is counted as children (with their own seats).

  • marker - unique affiliate ID code, use at all times in the link except for when the query is being made to a White Label site (for White Labels, it is not necessary to specify a marker since the marker is automatically included; any marker explicitly specified in the URL will be considered an additional marker). An additional marker can be added if necessary (by adding a "." after the main marker).


Creating a URL that leads to a search form and automatically fills in part of the form, without initializing search:

Creating a URL that leads to a search form and automatically fills in part of the form, without initializing search, with an additional marker:

Sample GET search query with search initialization:

Sample GET search query with search initialization and additional marker:

How can I generate an affiliate URL for hotel searches?

To get an affiliate form for hotel search, go to the Text Link section and click the "Hotels" tab. 

Link to hotels filled search form

You can create links to the main page of Hotellook with the completed search form. For example,5

The following parameters can be passed in the link:

  • destination - the destination of city or hotel;
  • checkIn - the check In date;
  • checkOut - the check out date;
  • adults - number of adults;
  • children - age of childrens, separated by commas

Monitoring of link effectiveness

To see how effective your various affiliate links are, add an additional marker to each link when you create it. In the URL generation form, there is a special field for this purpose. You can create as many markers as you want and view reports on your account page, where you can find statistics for each marker.  


This is especially convenient if you are distributing multiple links and actively pursuing success in the travel affiliate program. For example, if you are placing links or search forms in the text of articles, you can create a separate marker for each link and search form, which tells you which links are giving you the most conversions and purchases. Then you can concentrate on writing more articles of this type and thus earn more commissions. 

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