Creation of a mobile application using SDK

Do you know what the mobile applications from Travelpayouts give our partners? They are remarkable for the time, during which a user is attached to a specific partner!

When you use a website, this time is equal to 30 days, while at the installation of a mobile application from a partner link, it will be attached to a partner forever. A partner will gain income from all purchases made using this application.

You can distribute our mobile applications and create your own using SDK.

SDK is a ready template which can be used in an existing application or adjusted and offered as a separate application.

When a user purchases the tickets or make room booking using your mobile application, you gain income.

SDK is available for Android and iOS. The code for SDK is open for editing. You can make your own fork based on our SDK or suggest improvements directly into our branch on GitHub. Our developers will analyse your commit and, after approval, it will be merged into SDK.


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