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What is Travelpayouts?

Travelpayouts is a pay-per-action travel affiliate network that includes such brands as,, and a network of offers for additional earnings in the tourist market (car rental, insurance, transfers, excursions and much more).

  • Jetradar (available in English, German, Spanish, and many other languages) is one of the largest online search engines for flights all over the world, helping thousands of people compare airline prices.
  • Aviasales (available in Russian) is the leading flight search engine in Russia and the Ukraine.
  • Hotellook (available in English, German, Spanish, and many other languages) allows you to find and compare worldwide hotel prices provided by leading reservation systems (,,, Expedia, etc.).

How does the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network work?

  1. You join the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network.
  2. You place affiliate tools on your website to encourage visitors to book flights, hotels, cars and other travel services.
  3. Visitors search and book on your website.
  4. We pay you up to 70% from our revenue for each booking. You can find the affiliate revenue you can make with partner programs in the About tab of each program.

How is the user assigned to ab affiliate?

The user clicks on your affiliate link. Affiliate ID, specified in the link, is written in a special cookie file on the user’s computer and stored there for 30 days.

This means any purchases the user makes during the 30 days after the date of the transition to your affiliate link will be counted to you. Even when the user goes to our website directly from a search engine or bookmarks, all purchases will still be credited to the partner.

After 30 days, the user is detached from the partner. However, when he/she again clicks on the affiliate link, the user is again assigned to the partner for 30 days.

For most of the offers in the affiliate network, the lifetime of cookies is also 30 days. But for some it may be different. The exact data can be found in the summary table.

Note: The user is assigned to the partner whose affiliate link he/she joined later.

Example: On Monday, the user came across the link of Partner № 1 and was assigned to him. The user searched for a ticket but did not buy anything. On Wednesday, the user went to the link of partner № 2 and was assigned to him. On Friday he visited the site from the direct link and bought a ticket. In this case, Partner № 2 receives the reward because his link was used later.

Who can be a Travelpayouts affiliate?

  • Travel website owners
  • Travel bloggers
  • SEO experts
  • Travel agencies
  • Anyone who wants to earn money on the internet through flight and hotel commissions

Note that you don’t need a website to join the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network.

How much does it cost to join the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network?

Membership in the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network is free. There is no set-up fee and no ongoing costs. As soon as you register online, you get instant access to our affiliate tools.

How much can I earn?

We share up to 70% of our earnings generated by your traffic. For example, affiliates earn about 1.1–1.5% from flights booking and the average cost of hotels booking is $400. For one booking, our average revenue is $30. And we pay 60 to 70% to affiliate. Detailed information about the calculation of revenue is here.

You can find the affiliate revenue you can make with partner programs in the About tab of each program.

Which affiliate tools does Travelpayouts offer?

Travelpayouts affiliate tools are available in many different languages. The tools include:

  • Search forms
  • Text links
  • Banners
  • Plugin for CMS WordPress
  • White label
  • API

If you are new to our affiliate program, we recommend that you use the search forms, as they are the easiest and most effective tool. A full list of our affiliate tools is here.

Can I use my Travelpayouts affiliate account for two or more websites?

Yes, you can use one account for two or more websites, and even if you do not have a website.

In what languages I can get support?

We offer support in English and Russian.

How can I start?

  1. Join the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network at (your account will be approved instantly).
  2. Choose affiliate tools (search forms, text links, banners, white label). Place tools on your website to encourage visitors to book travel services.
  3. Visitors search and book travel services via the Travelpayouts tools on your website.
  4. Track your earnings in affiliate reports. All reports are updated in real time. However, depending on the supplier that has made the booking, your reports might be delayed by up to one hour.
  5. You are getting revenue for each booking.

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