Commission and payments

How can I earn commission?

Attention: Ukrainian citizens should use only EUR bank account.


Payment method

Minimum payout amount

Commission percentage (of TravelPayouts revenue from flights and hotels bookings)



Bank transfer to foreign currency account (USD, EUR)

EUR 400

USD 500

60% if TravelPayouts income from affiliate traffic is less than USD 3,000/month

70% if TravelPayouts income from affiliate traffic is more than USD 3,000/month

Note: In the personal account shows the total amount of Unpaid earnings.

Bank commission of approximately USD $ 30 is withheld.

If the amount of the payment exceeds $ 1000, then we incur all commissions.



USD 50

PayPal commission of approximately 5% is withheld.



EUR 40

USD 50

See system commissions

How long do I have to wait for payout?

Commissions are paid out from the 11th to 20th of the following month, as long as the minimum amount has been earned and payout method is filled out in your personal account before 9th of the month.

This means that commissions credited to an affiliate account in August are paid out between 11 and 20 September, for example.

The minimum amount depends on the payout method (see table above). If an affiliate does not earn the minimum commission during a month, the amount is rolled over to the next month.

Payout process

  1. On the 10th of every month we verificate balance sheet.
  2. On the 11th, after verification is complete, payouts begin.
  3. Payouts are made in the following sequence:
    • WebMoney (within one day)
    • ePayments (within one day)
    • PayPal* (within several days, depending on weekends and holidays)
    • Bank transfer to foreign currency account (USD, EUR)* (within several days, depending on weekends and holidays)
  4. If you have still not received payment by the 20th of the month, contact support.

Affiliates who request payout to a bank account can download Certificates of Works Completed on their account page, in the "Payment report" section.

We share 50% to 70% of our earnings generated by your traffic:

  • 50% – if you didn't fill your payment method;
  • 60% – if our earnings generated by your traffic don’t exceed USD 3000 in the reporting month, excluding pending, cancelled sales and clawbacks from previous periods;
  • 70% – if our earnings generated by your traffic exceed USD 3000 in the reporting month, excluding pending, cancelled sales and Clawbacks from previous periods.


I’ve earned the minimum payout amount, why hasn’t the money come yet?

Payout for any given month is made from the 10th to 20th of the following month, as long as the minimum payout amount has been accumulated. For example:

  • Your earnings for January are 40 US dollars.
  • On 5 February, you earned another 20 US dollars.
  • Your next payout will be made between 10 and 20 March (not 10 and 20 February), because your balance as of the end of January (40 US dollars) was less than the minimum payout threshold (50 US dollars).

My account page says money has been sent but I have not received it yet. Why?

After payments are sent, money takes another one to three working days to arrive (allowing for processing by the bank/payment system). If it has been more than three days since the payment was sent out and you have still not received it, contact our affiliate support:

How much do I earn from a ticket sold through me?

We share with our affiliates 50 to 70% of the income we receive from agencies and airlines. Our income depends on ticket price and the agency from which the user is buying a ticket. On average, we receive around 2.2% of the price of the ticket, of which we give our affiliates 50 to 70%, which is equivalent to 1.1 to 1.5% of the ticket price. (Example: for a ticket costing $500, our average income is $11, of which our affiliates receive $5,5 to $6,2 from us.).

How is the hotel commission calculated?

We share the same proportion with affiliates for hotels as we do for plane tickets (50 to 70%). We have created a separate service, with Russian and English sites at and respectively, for booking hotels. The average hotel reservation is worth USD $400. Thus means an average income for us of $30 per reservation (5-7%), of which our affiliate receives $15 to $20.

For more on hotel search and booking, refer to

Why can the commission for plane tickets be zero or next to nothing?

Budget carriers (such as and do not pay us a commission for the tickets we sell. Nonetheless, in order to give users the opportunity to find the cheapest tickets no matter what, we display the prices for low-cost carriers in the search results. Neither we nor our affiliates receive any commission for sales through low-cost airlines.

As for low commissions, we have different financial terms with each agency. Some agencies give us a percentage of the ticket cost. Some agencies credit us a fixed amount regardless of the ticket cost or pay a percentage of their markup on the ticket. In some destination pairs agency, markup can be very low.

In all cases, though, we share 50 to 70% of our income with our affiliates. List of low-cost airlines you can find here.

When can the commission for a ticket be negative?

When an affiliate returns a previously booked and paid ticket, a negative commission appears in the statistics list, reducing the overall commission amount.

For example, a ticket was bought on 15 February 2016 and let's say that the affiliate earned a commission of $10. But on 25 February 2016, the ticket was refunded. In this case, the statistics for 25 February 2016 will show a commission of ”- $10“ (negative).

Why has a previous commission suddenly increased/decreased?

The commission for the current month can change until, or on, the 10th day of the next month. This means that the commission for January, for example, can change on or before 10 February. Only after the 10th day of the month are the commissions for the previous month considered final. Here are reasons for possible changes:

  1. If a passenger gets a refund for previously purchased tickets, the commission for the sale is taken back.
  2. Crosschecks with agencies may find discrepancies (potentially in our favour or otherwise) and changes are made as appropriate.
  3. Since we usually work with agencies in foreign currencies, the commission for the previous month is recalculated every day at the current USD exchange rate until the 10th day of the following month.

After the 10th, the commission for the previous month is final.

Why have I still not received the commission for a hotel booking made last month?

Agencies send information about plane and hotel bookings in different ways: some send data in real time, which lets affiliates see reservations in their account reports almost instantly. Other agencies may provide information once every few days or even once a week. In the case of hotels, also note that we get money for paid-up reservations only after the client checks out.

Generally the confirmation period ends a week after checkout. But some agencies take up to a month to confirm this information. So it is not unusual for a hotel reservation to be paid for in the previous month but payment for it to still not be received by an affiliate. Most likely, the client has not checked in to the room (or has not checked out of it).

Do I get a commission for encouraging more affiliates to sign up for the program?

Yes! We have a referral program, which offers an additional way to earn money by recruiting new affiliates. You distribute a link (with your embedded affiliate ID) so that other people can sign up with the program – and you get 5% of our income generated by your referrals (by the affiliates that sign up using your link).

The referral percentage comes out of Jetradar' share, meaning that you and the new affiliate are not taking any money away from each other!

  • You can get a referral URL on your account page, under Tools–>Text links–>Referrals.
  • View sales statistics for your referrals under Reports–>Referrals report.

You may not use your own referral URL to register other sites that you own. If this rule is violated, we reserve the right to terminate your affiliate account at any time without payment or compensation.

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