The ways to make money with travel affiliate program

How to make money with affiliate programs

Before starting on a journey, every person has the two main issues: how to get to the place of destination and where to call at upon the arrival. At the same time, it does not matter what is the reason of such a travel — be it a business trip, business affairs, vacation, or something else. The trip purpose matters just for the things, which shall be taken along, but the tickets and accommodation issues shall be always acute.

We have created two websites, and, which may resolve these two issues. On, the visitors may find the most advantageous tickets to the places of destination they want. At present, the system includes the offers from 45 agencies and 700 airline companies worldwide. has gathered the information about more than 548,000 hotels in 205 countries. The service includes the information as about the luxury five-star hotels for the most sophisticated clients and about the inexpensive hostels, affordable even for the students.

The Travelpayouts travel affiliate network gives an opportunity to each affiliate to assist a traveler in finding a response to the two main issues and to get money from it. Inform of the most advantageous offers of the airline companies, offer suitable variants of flights with the minimum number of transfers, overview the hotels or place the search forms on your website and let the users choose the hotels and routes by themselves.

We pay from 50% of our earnings for every paid-up ticket and hotel suite. For the convenience of our clients we have developed the Affiliates’ tools, using which every person may choose the most suitable way of cooperation.

Since 2018 in the Travelpayouts travel affiliate program was added offers with different types of services for tourists. Now affiliates can earn on renting cars, excursions, insurance and much more. You can learn more about this in the article About the offers in the affiliate network.

Make money with travel affiliate program is the service that is translated into different languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc. The ticket cost on this travel affiliate website can be recounted and shown in different currencies.

The search and booking engine of is available in English, German, Spanish, and several other languages. It supports different currencies, so it shall be easy for the people with the minimum knowledge of English to use this website.

The affiliate’s dashboard allows choosing the search form language and creating the references to the required language version of At present, creation of the automatic search form and references to the English and German versions of and is available, but you can create an affiliate link to any other website version at your own discretion.

Mobility — the Trend of the 21st Century

Our clients may enjoy our mobile applications, designed for searching and booking of tickets. These apps are available for the iOS and Android devices.

We have developed the algorithm, using which we have an opportunity to define the setting of the mobile apps and associate them with a specific affiliate account. Promote our mobile apps, overview and place them on your website or blog. You shall receive the remuneration as long as a user makes purchases through the app, having installed it by clicking on your affiliate link.

In order to attach a client to you, a client shall just visit our website from a mobile device by clicking on your affiliate link. From our website, he shall be redirected to Google Play or Apple Store, after which he shall download and install the corresponding app. A client shall be attached to you if the data on the device, received at entering the website and app installation, are the same. It is very easy and fast.


For Apple devices, the app is available in different languages, including English. This means, you can sufficiently increase the number of potential clients.

Choose the most interesting option of making money through affiliate marketing. Start. We shall assist to you!

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