About programs in the affiliate platform

Travelpayouts affiliate platform

The Travelpayouts affiliate platform is a set of tourism products from third-party travel brands. Using the affiliate platform allows you to more effectively monetize tourist traffic. The affiliate platform includes companies engaged in transfers, excursions, insurance, car rental, and much more.

Programs catalogue

In order to join an affiliate program, log into your Travelpayouts affiliate dashboard. Choose the Programs section in the main menu.

The list of programs will open with a short description. To filter the list click on the Filter icon in the search bar

There are several filter options available:

  • By tools available in the program
  • By rewards source
  • By language
  • By geotargeting

You can also quickly find all programs that will match your projects. To do that flag the name of the project in the Match Projects By line and the list will be instantly refreshed to show only those programs that you can connect to with selected projects.

In order to join the program and get access to tools, click the Details button. In the opened window, select the checkbox "I agree with the terms of the agreement" and click the Join button. 

We have gathered all important information about joining a program in How to join an affiliate program article.

After you join the program, sections with tools and statistics will be available.

Programs’ Tools

Each program contains various affiliate tools:

  • Links
  • Widgets
  • White Label
  • Banners
  • Landing pages

To check the list of available tools open the Tools tab.

More information about tools can be found in our help center.

Statistics and payouts


The statistics for each program are located in the Statistics tab.

Statistics are displayed in the form of a diagram and a table.

The Table contains the following data:

  • Impressions — the number of views of banners and widgets.
  • Clicks — the number of clicks on affiliate links (when using the link generator and links from your account) and banners. However, clicks on widgets are not counted in this column.
  • Pending — the number of completed orders.
  • Cancelled — the number of canceled orders.
  • Paid — the number of paid orders.
  • ECPC — effective cost per click.
  • Payout — income received.
  • Pot. income — income that can be received taking into account orders that are being processed.

To view summary statistics for all programs, go to the Reports section in the main menu and make sure that grouping by program is applied.


Income from campaigns is credited to your account in the affiliate program and is paid along with the basic payment according to the schedule.

How long is the customer assigned to the affiliate?

The user is assigned to the partner up to 30 days after clicking the link with the partner ID. The number of days is different for each program and it is called cookie lifetime. You can find information about cookie lifetime in program's description.

It should be noted that if a user was assigned to one partner and follows the link of another, then they will be assigned to the second partner.