How to place a banner on your website

This article describes how to place an image on your site and make a banner out of an existing image.

Please note that most of the banners in the affiliate programs section are already available with a code that you just need to copy and paste into your website.

Placing a banner using HTML code

  1. Images for posting on the site are located in the program tools. For example, Aviasales banners are available here. In addition, Hotellook banners are compiled in this archive.
  2. After the banner is saved on your computer, upload the image file to your website in any folder. For example, your folder may be called "image".
  3. Open the editor for the page of the website where you plan to place the banner. 
  4. Paste the following code to display the banner in the desired place on the page.
    Please, note you must use the deep link creation form to create a link with an affiliate marker
    <a href=""><img src="/image/banner_name.png"/></a>
    instead of indicate your affiliate marker, and instead of /image/banner_name.png indicate the name of the folder where the banner is saved and the name of the banner itself.
    Important! Don't use "banner", "ad" or other similar words in the name of the image file. Ad blockers remove such images from site pages.
  1. Save your changes. The banner has been placed. 

Placing a banner using the visual editor

If you use a visual editor for editing pages (for example, WordPress), placing the banner is even easier.

Click the Add Media button.


Upload the image file for the banner.

In the image settings editing window, select the Custom URL option in the Link to section and specify your affiliate link.


Save your changes. Your banner is ready to go.