How to view bookings from the Aviasales and Hotellook mobile apps

The report contains information about Aviasales/Jetradar and Hotellook mobile applications (installed with help affiliate links), including the number of clicks, searches, and bookings. The table contents are analogous to the “Sales report”.

To get data about mobile applications, select the host (from the Host field) that starts with iphone for iOS and with for Android applications list.


You can choose the reporting month in the field above the table.

The table contains the following columns:

  • Visitors — the number of people who have clicked an affiliate link to Jetradar or Hotellook and who have made at least one search.
  • Searches — the number of searches (people who entered a query and clicked «Search»).
  • Clicks — the number of visitors who have clicked a link in the search results.
  • Paid clicks — some agencies pay us for clicks on the links. Information about calculating of revenue isn’t disclosed. If we detect attempts to fake clicks, the affiliate account may be blocked.
  • Panding — the number of bookings in the panding status.
  • Cancelled — the number of bookings that was cancelled.
  • Paid — the number of paid bookings.
  • Payout — income received by the affiliate from paid-for bookings.
  • Pot. income — total income from bookings currently being processed.
  • Adv income — rewards for clicks on advertising media on the sites of our projects Aviasales, Hotellook, and Jetradar (the procedure of calculation and the amount of rewards are not disclosed). Statistics are updated once a day.
  • CTR — click-through rate.
  • STR — sell-through rate (clicks vs. bookings).
  • ECPC — effective cost per click (your income).
  • ECPS — effective cost per search (your income).
  • ECPU — effective cost per user (your income)

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