Long tail keywords traffic monetization (doorways)

What You Should Know About Travelpayouts

  • We accept worldwide traffic. The most highly convertible regions are: Russia, USA, and Europe. For the USA and Europe there are such services as Jetradar.com and Hotellook.com, which are originally in English, and are localized into up to 15 languages (DE, UK, ES, AU, IN, etc.)
  • We accept doorway, pop-up, and pop-under traffic. It is allowed to use mass mailing, although spam is strictly forbidden. In case we find that an Affiliate uses spam as a tool, he will be instantly switched off and reported for abuse to Spamhouse and other regulating systems. You can read about all the permissible kinds of traffic here;
  • Cookie stuffing doesn’t work — iframe won’t open;
  • The cookie lifetime in a user’s browser is 30 days, BUT if they install our application or our browser extension, this time becomes unlimited;
  • The most highly convertible regions are: Russia, USA, and Europe.
  • We pay 50-70% from the profits we get for each booking.
  • You earn approximately $7 from the price of a purchased plane ticket and $20 from hotel booking (in case the average bill is $400).


  • Study the semantic kernel for the airline tickets and hotels search. It is available here.
  • While promoting websites, remember that different search queries have different conversion rates:

Good ones: „buy / price / tickets / cost” + direction;

Bad ones: „schedule / flights / distance / reviews”, filler words „where / how / without”.

  • Segment your traffic as much as possible.
  • Use additional markers in our system to analyze each form.


A number of tools are available to help you monetize your traffic:

  • search forms and widgets;
  • text links;
  • banners;
  • whitelabel;
  • mobile apps.

Besides, we can provide access to the Special offers feed and the low prices map API, which enable integration of our search output into your existing map.

If the ready-made tools are not enough for you, you can always benefit from our API, which gives you huge opportunities. You can learn all the details in the "Developers (API and Data)” section.

But for starters, take a look at the following articles, which provide step-by-step introductions:

Feel free to contact our Support Team if you still have any questions.

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