How fast is charged commission for a ticket booking?

How fast is charged commission for a ticket booking?

The commission is charged as soon as agency has transferred to us information about payment tickets. In most cases this occurs within several hours after ticket issuance. For room reservations commission charged a week later, after the client went out of the hotel.

We get booking information from agency every fifteen minutes. After this information is saved in the statistics data base. The report in personal account is updated every 5 minutes.

Sometimes happens the delay in sending to us booking information. Some agencies give information once a day. And there are a few agencies who send statistics once a month.

Note: Low-Cost airlines - the fact is that the low-cost airlines, as a rule, do not pay the fee for selling of the tickets to the agents.This means that we do not have an opportunity to pay some profit to the partners. You can find more information about Low-Cost airlines here.

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