Payout methods

On the Travelpayouts platform, you can choose from several payout methods in order to receive earned rewards. 

Please remember that before you can receive a payout on your account, you need to reach the minimum payout amount on your balance. This value depends on the chosen payout method.

The amount of the earnings is different for each program and is specified in their respective rules on the About tab in program details. 

Note. The selected payout method defines the currency that will be used for your earnings calculation and payouts.

  Payout method Minimum payout amount Notes
1 Bank transfer to foreign currency account (USD, EUR)

EUR 400

USD 400

Travelpayouts covers the cost of the transfer from our bank. The beneficiary's bank fee and the cost of the incoming payment are paid by the partner.
2 PayPal USD 50 PayPal fees are compensated by Travelpayouts.
3 WebMoney (WMZ) USD 10 WebMoney fees are compensated by Travelpayouts.

How to set up a payout method

  1. Log in to your Travelpayouts account
  2. Open Finance page
  3. Click on the Payout methods tab
  4. Select your country of residence
  5. Choose the desired payout method and click Add

You can have multiple payout methods, but only one can be set up as the main method. To switch your current earnings payout method to a different one, click Choose as main. Note that you need to set up a second method and add all details first.

You can find more details in the Finance section article.