Why has previously paid revenue suddenly increased/decreased?

The amount of revenue for the current month can change until, or on, the 10th day of the next month. This means that, for example, revenue gained within the month of January can change on or before February 10. Only after the 10th day of the month is the revenue for the previous month considered final. Here are the reasons for possible changes:

  1. If a client receives a refund for a previously paid booking, the revenue for the sale is taken back.
  2. Cross-checks with agencies may find discrepancies (potentially in our favor or otherwise) and changes are made as appropriate.
  3. The client cancels a reservation that was made several months ago. For example, a customer using your link made a flight booking in January. We paid the reward after February 10, as required by the rules. But the client changed their mind and canceled the booking in April. In this case, the previously accrued revenue for this reservation is deducted from the partner's current balance in the month when the cancellation was made.
After the 10th, the revenue for the previous month is considered final.