Best deals widget

Best deals widget

The widget works with our feed of special offers. It contains the information about special offers of the airline companies in a likely and suitable form.


Widget setting

The widget can be set in the “Tools — Best deals part of the personal account.


Widget settings contain the following items:

  • Width — specify the width (in px) of the widget on a webpage. You can also change the width by capturing the widget edge by the LBM and moving it to the right or to the left. If the Responsive variant is chosen, the widget shall be automatically adjusted in accordance with the screen resolution of a user.

  • Widget type — two variants are possible:
    • Slider — the limited number of special offers shall be displayed on a webpage in the form of a slider. Switching between the offers shall be carried out automatically or using pagination arrows (example);
    • Tile — all special offers are presented one after one within the whole page (example);
  • Domain — a website, where a hotel’s offer shall be opened after clicking on “Look at the hotel”. You should create and set the White Label, then select it in the domain list for opening of an offer on your website.
  • Language — widget language;
  • Currency — the currency of the displayed air fare;
  • Special offers limit — the number of special offers, shown in the widget;
  • Additional marker — your additional marker.

The widget can show special offers for the specific cities and airline companies. The collation of airline companies is carried out by pressing the Filter by airline button.


Enter the name of an airline company. Pay attention, that the function of searching of the airline companies in the base shall be activated after entering of the name. If an airline company is found it shall be displayed in the list under the entry line. Choose the required airline company:


You can add another company by pressing the Add button.

Selection of cities for displaying of special offers is carried out by pressing the Filter by routes button.


Enter the names of the departure and destination cities. If you specify only one city, then the special offers showing directions from\to such a city, shall be shown.

In order to place this widget on your website copy its code from the Widget code block:


Example of the widget (slider)


Example of the widget (tile)


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