How to translate our tools to your language

Go to

Step 1. Sign Up to Crowdin a platform we use to manage our localization files. 


Step 2. Go back to

Step 3. Choose a language you'd like to translate.


Step 4. Request an access to a language you'd like to help with.


Step 5. Your request will be reviewed shortly. If everything is OK – you'll be granted an access and you can proceed with translation.

Step 6. Choose what you'd like to start with. As you see, our resources are grouped by categories: White Label, Widgets, etc. If you'd like to have you White Label in your language you need to translate all files within "White Label" folder.


Step 7. You'll see a translator interface. On a right, you see strings you need to translate (untranslated strings). Besides a field where you need to put a translation, you'll see a suggestions area, a comment area.


If you have any problems – please leave a comment and mark it as an issue. We'll respond to that shortly. Please use English or Russian only so we can help you.


Also, take a look on a context area. We'll try to add some tips that could help you with translation.


If you need a new language we don't have in a list – please contact us using this page.

More details about Crowdin interface are available here.

Note. Our interface (White Label) and Widgets are not currently ready for RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew). It's not a problem to give you access for translation, but please note – we'll be making changes for that only in the end on 2017.

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