"2x Revenue for Sales in Kazakhstan" campaign rules

Relevant edit – June 20, 2018

The following terms and conditions for the campaign (hereinafter referred to as Campaign) were composed in accordance with the current law of the Russian Federation, including the Federal Law on Advertising №38-ФЗ from March 13, 2006.


 1.1. The Campaign is organized by Go Travel Un Limited, a Hong Kong corporation № 1658681. Legal address: Suite 1504, 15/F, Chinachem Tower, 34-37 Connaught Rd Central, Hong Kong, operating under “Aviasales” and “Travelpayouts” trademarks.

1.2. The Campaign is focused on stimulating demand of aviasales.com and travelpayouts.com services.

1.3. The Campaign is not a lottery, does not involve betting or any other gambling variations.

1.4. All registered members of the Travelpayouts affiliate network are eligible to enter. There is no geographical limit, nevertheless the Campaign operates in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

1.5. Participating in the Campaign is free of charge

1.6. The Campaign Website is the ready access website available on the internet at travelpayouts.com

1.7. A brief description of the Campaign’s terms as well as the complete set of Campaign rules is readily available on the Campaign Website.


2.1. To enter the Campaign participants are obliged to fulfil the following requirements: be a registered member of the Travelpayouts partner programme; be 18 years of age or older.

2.2. Participating in the Campaign does not require personal use of the Campaign Organizer’s services or making any kind of purchase.

2.3. During the Campaign partner commission for any paid airplane ticket reservation shall be doubled.

2.4. Only paid airplane tickets in any direction from Kazakhstan or from anywhere in the world to Kazakhstan as well as domestic flights in Kazakhstan are eligible to participate in the Campaign.


3.1. The Campaign is run from June 20 to December 31 2018 inclusively. The term may be reduced or extended by the Organizer without advance notice.

3.2. Campaign results as well as calculation and payment of the partner’s commission shall occur at the end of each calendar month, along with the other partner payments in accordance with the Organizer’s commission payment rules (https://support.travelpayouts.com/hc/en-us/articles/203955613-Commission-and-payments).

3.3. The Organizer may publish marketing information on the Campaign progress and results on the Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/travelpayouts.official/.

3.4. Employees of the Organizer and their family members, representors of the Organizer and their family members, as well as other affiliates are barred from participation in the Campaign. If their participation becomes known during any stage of the Campaign, they lose the right to receive partner commission. 


4.1. If, due to any reason,— including computer malware, internet malfunction, defects, manipulations, unauthorized interference, falsification, technical difficulties or others that cannot be controlled by the Organizer — the course of the Campaign is distorted or altered in a way that affects the realization, safety, integrity, of said course, the Organizer reserves the right to singlehandedly annul, cancel, change or suspend the Campaign, as well as take other measures to eliminate undesirable consequences.

4.2. The participants submit their personal data as part of the registration process on the Campaign page (Participant’s account) and consents that the Campaign Organizer may use this data to provide the participants with information on the Campaign and commission payments, and may as well send the participants newsletters or advertisements. The participants agree to their personal data being processed by the Organizer, which includes but is not limited to the following: processing, harvesting, systematizing, accumulating, storing, clarifying (editing, updating), using, sanitizing, blocking, disposing of personal data, as well as transferring it to third persons. The general description of said data processing methods is given in the Federal Act № 152-ФЗ from July 27, 2006.

4.3. By partaking in the Campaign, the participants agree to receive information and advertisements related to the Organizer’s Campaign, services or other campaigns via e-mail. The participants may contact the Organizer at support@travelpayouts.com for additional clarification of information related to the Campaign, as well as for withdrawing consent to personal data storage and processing.

4.4. The Organizer may adjust the Campaign rules over the course of the Campaign without notifying the participants.

4.5. The Campaign Rules become effective starting midnight June 20, 2018 (GMT+3) and shall be valid until the end of the Campaign or until the Organizer changes these rules or cancels the Campaign.

4.6. Campaign participants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with these Rules, as well as changes and additions to them. They may do that on occasion using the set of Rules available on the Campaign Website.

4.7. These Rules are considered changed or abolished on the day following the day relevant information is published on the Campaign Website. If the participants continue to partake in the Campaign after the change of the Rules has come into effect — it is assumed that they have agreed to those changes fully.

4.8. All the advertising materials published on the Campaign Website (texts, images, trademarks etc.) are copyright protected. All rights reserved to the Campaign Organizer. No use of said materials without appropriate permission is allowed.

4.9. The participants take responsibility for all their actions within the Campaign. In the case of the Organizer suffering losses as a result of the participants’ violation of these Rules, the participants responsible are obliged to compensate the Organizer’s losses.

4.10. It is strictly forbidden to use the Campaign Website to commit any kinds of felonies, or to interfere in any way with the Campaign Website’s programming code.

4.11. The participants solely carry the risks associated with violating the Campaign Rules. None of the costs carried by the participants in connection to their participation in the Campaign are subject to remuneration. All the Campaign participants carry the costs connected to their participation in the Campaign themselves (including, but not limited to internet access costs), except the costs that have been clearly stated in these Rules as those carried by the Organizer.

4.12. The Organizer is not responsible for the following: any technical malfunctions on the part of the Campaign Website’s and the participant’s internet provider if those malfunctions prevent the participant from using the Campaign Website in an appropriate manner; the participant’s failure to receive messages sent by the Campaign Organizer, irrespective of the reasons of said failure; the participant’s failure to comply or do so in a timely manner with the obligations set by these Rules.

4.13. The Organizer is not responsible for any inaccurate data or payment details provided by the participant in the case that the Organizer is unable to reach the participant or pay the commission using the data provided. In this case the commission is considered unclaimed. The commission is also considered unclaimed if an entity different from the one specified as the Campaign participant attempts to claim it from the Organizer. In this case the Organizer retains the commission, it shall not be paid to other participants.

4.14. The Organizer does not enter any negotiations with the participants in writing or otherwise except in cases specified by these Rules.

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