The Travelpayouts Chrome extension

Using the Travelpayouts Chrome Extension, you can quickly create partner links to any page on the brand's website without access to your Travelpayouts account. In this article, you’ll find out more about the Travelpayouts Extension, such as in which cases it will help you and how you can install and work with this feature effectively.

What is the Travelpayouts Extension for Google Chrome?

The Travelpayouts Google Chrome Extension is an extension that helps you create a partner link from any page in the browser (not necessarily from the brand's website).

Generally, you can get a partner link in your Travelpayouts account by copying a ready-made URL or by generating a deep link on the partner program page using the Link Generator. Basically, the Travelpayouts extension is a deep link generator placed outside of your account. This extension solves three big tasks for partners:

  • Save time. Create and shorten partner links easily and quickly without having to routinely switch back and forth between the tabs of the brand site and a Travelpayouts account.
  • Secure personal data (stats, balance, payment details, etc.) Create partner links without access to the account. This is especially important for partners who are focused on content creation, traffic attraction, and more, as well as those who outsource all their operational work and don't want to give contractors access to their Travelpayouts account.
  • Enrich content with affiliate tools. You will never forget to add partner links thanks to the extension’s top bar, which highlights that you have connected to the partner program and reminds you to copy the URL.

How to start using the Travelpayouts Google Chrome Extension

To start working with the Travelpayouts Google Chrome Extension, you should be signed up for Travelpayouts and connect to the required partner programs. Next, add the extension to your browser and set it up. We wrote detailed instructions in another article, check it out.

What you should pay attention to when working with the Extension

If you want to work with the Travelpayouts Google Chrome Extension quickly and effectively, pay attention to the following points:

  1. To generate partner links through the Travelpayouts extension, you should connect to the required partner programs. You can only do this in your Travelpayouts personal account.
  2. The shortened URL generated in the extension doesn't include the brand’s name. This option is only available in the link generator in the Travelpayouts personal account.
  3. If you want to shorten partner links in the extension via Bitly, you should be registered and logged in to this service.

Use Cases

Create partner links from the brand’s site

Once you install the Travelpayouts extension, you’ll see its top bar every time you visit the sites of the brands that you’ve connected to.


If you visit, for example, Viator’s website, and go to another brand’s page, the partner link, which is generated at the top bar, updates automatically. Just copy this URL of any format (long or shortened without technical parameters) and paste it into your content.

Create partner links from any pages in the browser

With the Travelpayouts extension, you can generate partner links to the brand’s main page from any page in the browser. It does not necessarily need to be from the brand's website. You can do it even from the Google Docs tab. To do so, simply:

  1. Click on the Travelpayouts extension from the extensions list.
  2. Choose the partner program and fill in the SubID field (if it’s necessary).
  3. Copy the generated partner link to the main page of the brand’s website.

Track partner links generated via the extension

The SubID is an additional parameter that helps you track clicks and sales separately for each source of traffic or tool. Specify the SubID in the Travelpayouts extension to track more detailed statistics in your personal account.

For example, you can create different SubIDs for the same link posted on Instagram and Facebook in posts about budget travel using “cheap_travel_inst” and “cheap_travel_fb”, respectively. In the Reports section with the SubID filter, you’ll find out which social media platform brings more clicks, bookings, etc.

3 tips for using Travelpayouts Extension effectively

1. Use short partner links

Shortened partner links don’t contain as many technical parameters as long links. These URLs are more trustworthy and fit within the character limits (for example, in social media posts).

You can shorten your partner link directly in the extension. In the settings, choose the link shortener service. Now, Tinyurl, Bitly, and are all available to you. Link shortening has no effect on the tracking of clicks or your partner's reward.

2. Set hotkeys to create links faster

In the Travelpayouts Extension, you can set the hotkeys: open “Extensions” → “Manage Extensions” → “Keyboard Shortcuts” (chrome:/extensions/shortcuts). Create convenient combinations to quickly shorten and copy links.

3. Watch the green indicator light

When you visit the site of the brand that you are connected to in Travelpayouts, the extension icon will display a green circle. This feature allows you to easily see the programs you are affiliated with and choose which ones to connect to.

Install and test the Travelpayouts Extension for Google Chrome. If you have any questions or problems, please contact our support team.