Up to €600 for travel worries: Let’s help your users get fair compensation!

Did you know you can get paid for helping air passengers get the compensation they deserve? Under European law, when a person is left stranded due to a flight delay or cancellation, they could be eligible for up to €600 in compensation.


That’s where AirHelp becomes your best partner!

As the world’s #1 flight compensation company, AirHelp has already helped over 13 million passengers since 2013. During this webinar, Silvia Sanchez and Jennifer Melody Marten, Affiliate experts at AirHelp, flew us through.

  • What AirHelp does to help travelers: Procedures, USPs and new products
  • Everything you need to know about flight compensation
  • How to teach your audience to trust the brand
  • Tips to convert lookers into bookers
  • Useful statistics: A list of out-of-schedule and best-paying airlines, best destinations, seasonality and more
  • Tools for bloggers and webmasters


  • Olga Gachkova, Marketing Manager, Travelpayouts
  • Silvia Sanchez, Affiliate Manager, AirHelp
  • Jennifer Melody Marten, Head of Affiliate Marketing, AirHelp