Getting ready for the peak travel season of 2020

Are you ready to earn a lot with your travel affiliate resource this summer?


Content optimization and choosing high-converting tools might take up to several months, so now is the time to prepare

Quick Summary

Don’t know where to start? Watch the webinar replay: Kate Zabolotnaya and Maria Perelygina, BD Managers at Travelpayouts, shared the most important travel market stats from 2019 and forecasts for 2020, and Olga Gachkova, the Marketing Manager, provided tips and strategies to increase your chances for a high affiliate profit!

  • Travelpayouts: Resources for a quick start
  • Tourism trends 2020: Seasonality, figures and forecasts
  • Getting ready for the peak season: Popular destinations, niches, revenues and offers
  • Tips and tools to improve your travel website or blog to earn in 2020


  • Kate Zabolotnaya, Business Development Manager, Travelpayouts
  • Maria Perelygina, BD Manager, Travelpayouts
  • Olga Gachkova, Marketing Manager, Travelpayouts