How to check the operation of an affiliate tool

You can easily and simply check the operation of any Travelpayouts affiliate tool presented in your user profile.

We do not prohibit you from clicking on your own links and making purchases using them. Therefore, to check the operation of links and widgets, you just have to take a few steps.

Place the affiliate link on the website, in the message of the social network or in the forum signature. 

Open the statistics of the affiliate program (the link of which you posted) in your user profile. Remember the values in the table.


Follow the link posted. You should have the advertiser's website open and there should be no error messages. 

Refresh the statistics page in your user profile (information about the click appears in the report in less than a minute). In the Click column, the numerical value will increase.


Thus, you can check the operability of any tool.

If the values in the statistics do not change, check carefully the placement of the tool.

The support team can also help you solve this problem. To do this, you need to send an affiliate marker, a link to a page with a non-working tool and describe in detail the stage of actions for technical support team specialists. 

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