How to make a test booking

Sometimes your website may have affiliate tools (links or widgets), and traffic, but no reservations. In this situation, you need to check that the affiliate tools are placed correctly.

If click-throughs and clicks are displayed in the statistics of your user profile, the next step is to check your reservations. The majority of advertisers in the Travelpayouts affiliate network have the opportunity to make free reservations or cancellations without lossing money.

To check your reservations, go to the advertiser’s website using an affiliate link or widget posted on your website. Make a reservation that offers free cancellation. The amount of remuneration will appear in the Income column of the Reports section after a certain period of time.


Many advertisers initially send information about the reservation and purchase, but the remuneration itself is transferred on a delay. For example, funds for Hotel Reservations are received only after the guest checks out. In this case, after making the reservation, the remuneration data will be displayed in the Pot. Income column.