Revenue cannot be paid out even with a minimum amount on the balance

If you have accumulated the minimum amount for revenue payouts, but the payment time has passed and you still have not received the payment, check the following:

  1. Payment details specified in your user profile have been confirmed. If this is not the case, send the confirmation email again and click the link in the email. If you need an urgent withdrawal of funds, you can contact the support team.
  2. In addition to the minimum amount set by the system, an affiliate can independently limit the withdrawal amount. Check the settings for the minimum limit for the remuneration.
  3. Check your wallets. This is especially relevant to non-verified wallets.
  4. When withdrawing funds to PayPal, you need to check your email matches the one in the systems. For more information about working with PayPal, see the following article Revenue payout with PayPal.

If you have checked all of the above and are certain that there are no problems, contact the support team with a detailed description of your problem.

It is important to understand that the payment is transferred for the previous month. For example, funds for January are credited in February. Therefore, the minimum amount must be accumulated in the previous month in order for the automatic payment to be made.