DiscoverCars Affiliate Program API

The DiscoverCars affiliate program API allows you to retrieve the following data:

  • Method returns active location available for search.
  • Search cars by location and dates provided.
  • Currency code list. Codes should be used in GetCars method to convert result price.
  • Languages on which API will return results.
  • Fuel policies applied by the partners.
  • Location types available in different pickup stations.
  • Classifier list of all available Included options.
  • Devices the type classifier is used in.
  • Payment type list.
  • Method returns active locations available for search plus Vendors list for location.


Access to the API and documentation is available upon request to our support.

Requirements for the website to provide access:

  • The number of visitors is 50 000 per month.
  • Theme - travel.
  • Language / region does not matter.
  • An example of sites that are preferred: OTA, any search engines with traffic (for example, search for travel services), sites that actively sell travel services.

Access to the API requires a username, password and token. The documentation is at Additional information in the file.

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