Travelpayouts affiliate account

After signing up in Travelpayouts the user’s personal account page will open.

Affiliate account page header

At the top of the main page of user account are the following:


  • Earnings — unpaid affiliate’s remuneration, including orders with the «Paid» status, but still in a hold, and orders received in the next payment order.
  • Payment Pending — the amount of unpaid remuneration (without possible income).
  • link to blog.
  • link to knowledge database.
  • Create a link — click to open window where you can create a link to any joined program. Here you can also set an additional marker and copy the created link.
  • ID (the affiliate id, affiliate marker) — click to open menu where you can copy the ID, go to your profile or log out of your affiliate account.
  • Server time — UTC time, intended for orientation in statistics and reports. It may not coincide with the real time of the user and the reservation.
  • Theme switch — allows you to change the interface background color to dark or light.

Main part of the Dashboard

In the central part is a table with basic data on affiliate programs.

By default, three programs are enabled for an affiliate after registration Jetradar (Aviasales), Hotellook, Travelpayouts. To join other programs go to the Program section. The line with each program contains basic statistics.


  • Impressions — number of displays of widgets and search forms for affiliate programs.
  • Clicks — number of clicks on affiliate links or tools.
  • Pending — number of orders that are being processed and confirmed by advertisers.
  • Cancelled — number of canceled orders.
  • Paid — number of paid orders.
  • Payout — remuneration for paid orders.
  • Possible payouts — income that will be received when orders are passed from the «In progress» status.

When you hover over the line with the program, three icons appear: tools, statistics and pin.


On the right side of the table there are the Blog and the News section. The News tab displays all changes for affiliate programs, and the Blog tab contains links to latest articles from the blog.


There is a filters block above the table that you can use to manage its contents.


Affiliates can filter data by period: for the current day, the day before, the current month and the past month.

Clicking on All programs opens a list of options:

  • All programs — show all programs that the affiliate is subscribed to, as well as recommendations;
  • Pinned programs — programs that have been pinned by an affiliate using the «Pin» icon;
  • With data — only programs that have at least some data (clicks, click-throughs, income, and others).

When you select an option, the data in the table will change.

Main menu

On the left side there is the main menu from which you can go to the pages of the list of programs, reports, finance, For developers and Changelog (recent changes).


The section contains list of programs with a short description. You can filter this list by type of offer or supported language.

The filters block is located above the list of programs:


  • search by name;
  • categories (airline tickets, transfer service, excursions, accommodation and others);
  • supported language;
  • type of traffic permitted;
  • available tools;
  • connection (all, joined only, not joined only).

The Apply button sorts the list by the filters set, and the Reset button removes all the filters set.

In the list of programs, you can find the following information:


  • on the amount of reward;
  • cookies lifetime;
  • available tools;
  • supported languages;
  • regions where the program works;
  • read the brief description.

If the program is connected, the green bar Joined is displayed in the list of programs.

When you go to the program section, a section with detailed information and program rules opens. In the right corner there is a link to the program’s website and social networks. After joining the program, the Tools and Statistics sections become available.


Some programs can be connected in one click by accepting the terms of the affiliate agreement, while others require the advertiser’s approval of the connection request.

To activate the program, open the page with its description. If the selected program does not require pre-moderation of the application, it is enough to read the rules and check the box «I accept…" and click «Join».


If the advertiser is performing pre-moderation, clicking the Connect button opens the Join Request form.


In this form, it is necessary to fill in information about the location where the affiliate tools will be placed (for website — specify its URL-address, social networks, arbitration; it is preferable to provide more detailed information), tick the traffic types that you use, and agree to the rules.

After filling in all the information click Apply. The request processing period is from two to approximately ten days. Following the results of processing the request, you will receive an email with the results.


The section contains all the statistical information on working with affiliate tools. Read more in the article Statistics and reports.


The section contains detailed information on the income received, details for the withdrawal of funds and payment history. Read more in the article Finance Section.


The section contains a list of recent changes. It opens as a pop-up window that describes the last three changes. To view the history of changes, click the following link:


In the lower right corner of the bottom there is a language switch (if you wanted to know how to switch the language of your Travelpayouts account, now you know).

Please note! The language affects the list of programs, as some of them are available only in English or Russian.


Also at the bottom is a list of social networks where you can find Travelpayouts and useful links.

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