Popular destinations Hotellook

This report contains data on the most popular search destinations among travellers using affiliate links or forms from the Hotellook affiliate program.

The report is based only on events with origin and destination information. The data could differ from other reports and is presented for your reference only.


The report contains:

  • City — The place that users searched for
  • Country code — IATA code of the country to which the location belongs
  • Location ID — Internal location ID
  • Searches — The number of searches in this direction
  • Clicks — The number of clicks on the Book button in the search results
  • Pending — The number of bookings awaiting confirmation from agencies
  • Paid — The number of paid bookings
  • Cancelled — The number of cancelled bookings
  • Nights on average  — How many nights on average hotels are booked in a given place
  • Average price — The average price of hotels in each location
  • Average payout — The average revenue in each location
  • Price — Total cost of bookings
  • Payout — Affiliate revenue
  • Pot. income — The potential income that can be obtained when bookings are transferred from Pending to Paid status

Above the data table there is a field for selecting the reporting period, as well as filtering by sub id and host.

To show or hide columns, click on the settings button above the table.


You can download the data from the table to a CSV-file. To do this, click the download button next to the table settings.