Travel blogging amidst the crisis: A live talk with

With the outbreak of COVID-19, several sectors of the global economy, and especially the travel industry, collapsed. In such an unfortunate situation, there is nothing that travel bloggers and webmasters can do. Or is there something? Well, the quick answer is yes!

The longer answer is — consider this harsh time as an opportunity to improve your blog’s or website’s content, SEO, email strategy and design.

Watch the replay of the webinar with Somto Ugwueze, an experienced blogger and educator, to get the list of steps and recommendations that will help you jumpstart when the crisis is over.


  • COVID-19 Survival Kit for travel bloggers
  • Tactic steps to seize the impact
  • Somto’s tips on the crisis strategy
  • Monetization opportunities for the future: Pinterest and affiliate marketing
  • Brief Travelpayouts product tour


  • Somto Ugwueze, Founder,
  • Olga Gachkova, Marketing Manager, Travelpayouts