Failure stories by travel bloggers

Is it tough now? Yes. Is there any traffic? Barely. When will the current situation change? We don’t know. But we already see a positive trend: people are starting to travel by air, book accommodations, and purchase tours.


So, you think that the summer of 2020 is not the best time to start a travel project? Spoiler: there is never a right time!

Together with successful travel bloggers, we are ready to open Pandora’s box! There are always a few failures behind every success story, regardless of what was happening in the market at that time.

Starring: Claudia Tivani (founder of MyAdventuresAcrossTheWorld and Strictly Sardinia), Chris Christenson (founder of AmateurTraveler and Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast), and Jacob Fu (co-founder of LocalAdventurer).


  • Serge Pitinov, Business Development Manager, Travelpayouts
  • Claudia Tivani, Founder of MyAdventuresAcrossTheWorld & Strictly Sardinia
  • Jacob Fu, Co-founder of LocalAdventurer
  • Chris Christenson, Founder of AmateurTraveler and Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast