CheapOair affiliate program API

With the CheapOair API you can get a link to booking a flight ticket.


Before you start working with CheapOair API you need to register in the Travelpayouts affiliate network and join the CheapOair program. After that send a request to our support team to access the API.

To work with the API you will be given: UserID, Password, WUID, AffiliateID.

You can find documentation on working with the API here.

Steps with API

  1. Use the Search API Target and Method to send a search request.
  2. Take the values of the Contract Locator Key (CntKey), Contract IDs (CNT ID) parameters received in response to the first request and the WUID, AffiliateID provided by our support team. 
  3. Create a link in the form, where wuid is WUID, ck is CntKey, cid is CNT ID, fpaffiliate is AffiliateID.
    The decryption of other parameters can be found in the documentation and scheme.
  4. Use the link generator to turn the link obtained in step three into a Travelpayouts affiliate link.
    Tip: you can automatically generate affiliate links by url-encoding the links from the third step to bring them to the required format, and pass the link to the u parameter:тут_будет_ваш_маркер&p=тут_числа&
  5. After user click on an affiliate link and booking an flight ticket, you will get revenue in your affiliate account in Travelpayouts.

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