Travelpayouts 2021: Year in review

2020 is finally over, and, honestly, we are happy to say that. It’s been a truly challenging time for the travel industry, to say nothing of the whole world. Every country and community has been seriously affected, and that is why we want to share a special moment with you all to bid farewell to a year we could never see coming.

Quick Summary

We’d be happy to say that it wasn’t all that bad for the travel affiliate industry, but that’s still far from reality. Though, there are some rays of light in the realm of the coronavirus darkness: some markets are already getting used to the new normal, and the vaccine testing reports seem to be very promising. Well, we all hope so.

In 2020 we have witnessed market changes, analyzed trends and done our best to support the Travelpayouts affiliate community worldwide. This January, we are ready to kick-off our annual tradition and reflect on where we’ve come and where we are heading.


  • Liza Rudykh, Head of Marketing at Travelpayouts
  • Tatiana Buyanova, Head of Business Development at Travelpayouts