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How you quickly and easily make a URL to a specific offer

  1. Go to the site in the directory transfers
  2. Take the route from the catalog of countries and airports or find through a search engine. For example from the airport Paris Charles de Gaulle to Disneyland.
  3. Copy the url of the page with the route WITHOUT detailing by dates, number of passengers, etc. Only point A and B as in the example below:
  4. Go to the promotional section of the campaign Travelpayouts.
  5. Select the «Link Generator» tab and paste the copied URL into the field «Address of the landing page».
  6. Fill in the field «Link text» (for this you can take the route header from the site
  7. We copy the ready link with your individual affiliate marker in the field «Insert code».

As a result, we get:

Ready link***&promo_id=6**&source_type=customlink&type=click&

HTML embed code:

<a target="_blank" href="***&promo_id=6**&source_type=customlink&type=click&">Трансфер Париж CDG - Диснейленд</a>  

Six types of routes for high conversion

You can suggest several ways to get to where you’re staying.

Intui offers routes:

A handy catalog of transfers

The link generator in the Intui offer on Travelpayouts works with all language versions. Go to the directory with the desired language and create a URL on the route for your target audience.

Top 10 airports with a high demand for transfers

  1. Paris Charles de Gaulle
  2. Antalya
  3. Munich
  4. Malpensa Milan
  5. Vienna
  6. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi
  7. Geneva
  8. Dubai
  9. Denpasar Bali
  10. Barcelona

How to get links for all airports

If there are a large number of Airports in the catalog of your website and you want to script out landing page URLs for them with a script, then Intui has a technological solution:

  1. We find and copy the URL from the Intui website to the airport page on the website, for example:
  2. Add to the end ?api2&partnerID = 287737. Example:
  3. Wrap this landing page URL in the field «Landing Page Address» in the «Link Generator» on Travelpayouts.
  4. Take the URL to your web site and run the script.

Thus, you’ll get all the transfers to each airport that is on your site.

Attention! You should use the links generator, so that the clicks and bookings are included in the statistics of the Travelpayouts affiliate program.

How to get links with possible routes to hotels, villas, cities with GPS coordinates

The Intui algorithm finds all the possible airports and stations closest to the hotel in a huge database and offers transfer options.

How to build a landing page URL:

  1. Add the following parameters to the address
    • &api3 — Sets this type of landing page display
    • gpsLat — Latitude GPS coordinates of the object (example 48.860645)
    • gpsLng — Longitude GPS coordinates of the object (example 2.344809)
    • HotelName — Name of the object (hotel, apartment, villa, city, district, etc.)
    • PartnerID — Partner ID 287737 (not to be confused with an affiliate marker in Travelpayouts)
  2. The resulting URL is inserted into the field «Address of the page» in the «Link Generator» on Travelpayouts.
  3. Get the code and place it where it’s needed.

Try replacing the GPS coordinates in the URL with others and substitute your text:

This easy-to-implement feature will help the user quickly identify the hotel they want and book it through you.

Attention! You should use the links generator, so that the clicks and bookings are included in the statistics of the Travelpayouts affiliate program.

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