Weatlas API

The article describes the API from Weatlas, with which partners can integrate data from the service to their site.

Weatlas is a service for booking excursions and entertainment in any city in the world. The service offers excursions, entertainment, transfers, tickets to various attractions and museums. You can join to Weatlas in your personal account of the Travelpayouts partner network.

API description

You can use the API to get a list of events at a given location on a specific date and time.

Search for events

Method: GET


URL: https://api.travelpayouts.com/weatles/v1/search_prices_by_iata?code=MOW

In the request header, you need to pass your token, which can be found here.

Request parameters

  • code — IATA code of the country and the city
  • currency — the currency, in which the price of the proposal (available options: RUB, USD; EUR)
  • date — Return offset for the specific date (date format: 2021-01-02T15:04)
  • limit — the total number of offers per page (from 1 to 500)
  • adults_count — the number of adults (from 1 to 4, 2 by default)
  • children_count — number of children (from 1 to 4)
  • language — the language in which the data will be returned (RU, EN)

Request example

curl -X GET 'http://api.travelpayouts.com/weatlas/v1/search_prices_by_iata?code=ROM&from_date=2021-06-01T08:00&to_date=2021-06-05T08:00' 
-H 'X-Access-Token: Your_token_here'


Response example

 "data": [
     "price": 1800,
     "currency": "RUB",
     "content": "Ежедневная обзорная экскурсия по Москве (синий маршрут)",
     "excursion_type": "Пешая",
     "activity_type": "Group",
     "city_iata": "MOW",
     "country_iata": "RU",
     "link": "https://weatlas.com/excursions/11979?aid=10690&utm_source=Travelpayouts&utm_content=11979",
     "photo": "",
     "duration": "2 часа",
     "available_dates": [

Response fields

  • price — the offer price in the specified currency
  • currency — currency
  • content — the title of the proposal
  • excursion_type — type of the excursion: by car or on foot. By default, both types of offers are displayed.
  • activity_type — booking type of the proposal: excursions with a personal guide, or in a general group. By default, both types of offers are displayed.
  • city_iata — IATA area code
  • country_iata — IATA country code
  • link — link to the offer page
  • photo — link to the photo offer
  • duration — duration of the event
  • available_dates — available offer dates

When using links obtained through the API, do not forget to apply a link generator to them to turn these links into partner links.

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