How to display search results on any page of the website

This article describes how to configure White Label to display the results of the flights ticket search on the internal page of the website if the search form is on a different page (for example, the Home page).

Many travel websites have an airline ticket search form on a large number of pages. By default, you can display the search results on a subdomain (where White Label is set up) or on the same page as the White Label iframe code.

To display the search results on a particular page of the website, you need to perform several steps.

Create and configure the White Label.

Place the White Label «iframe» code on the page where you want the search results to be displayed.



Create a search form, copy its extended code and paste it on any page of your website.

Change the search_host parameter value in the extended code of the search form to the address of the page where the iframe code of White Label is located.

Add another parameter before the search_host parameter:

"search_in_iframe": true,
"search_host": "PAGE_WITH_IFRAME",


Save all changes.

Please note! Currently this method only works for White Label flight search.