Getting started with affiliate links

An affiliate link is a URL that leads to the travel brand's website. What makes it different from a regular link is that it contains a unique partner ID. Thanks to the ID, all sales made using such a link are connected to the partner and are used as a base for rewards calculation.

Types of links

There are two ways to get affiliate links at Travelpayouts:

  • Copy ready-made links to the page the brand wants to promote. Typically, these are home pages, promo pages, or app download links. These links are pre-created on the program's pages in your personal Travelpayouts account and can simply be copied.
  • Create links to any page of the brand's website. They may lead, for example, to a specific search query or a specific page of a brand's website. You can create such links yourself using a special form in your Travelpayouts account.

This article will cover how to work with ready-made links. You can find more information about creating links to specific pages of the brands’ websites in the How to create an affiliate link to any page of a brand website article.

How to get and place a ready-made link

Note! To get an affiliate link, first, you need to connect to a program from the Travelpayouts programs catalog.

To get a link to a travel brand's website:

1. Open a desired program's page.

2. Click on the Tools tab, and open the Links section.

3. Ready-made links will be located at the bottom of the page:

The section contains a list of ready-made links that the brand promotes. Each line contains the following information:

  • Title — the name of the link from which you can understand where it leads.
  • Language — the language of the travel brand's site page on which it will be displayed after clicking on the link. For some travel brands, the page language is additionally determined by the settings in the user’s browser and has a higher priority than the link language (for example, if the browser language is English and the users click on the GE link, they will still be in the English version of the site).

4. To get the link, click the Get link button.

In the popup window, you can:

  • Select a Project (if at least two Projects are connected to the program).
  • Create a SubID for the link.

5. Click the Copy icon in the Link field.

6. Paste the link in your article, post, or any other channel..

If you would like to work with long links, just click the Show full link switch. The form will display a long URL with all technical parameters.

How to create an affiliate link to any page of the brand's website 

Most programs in Travelpayouts allow you to manually create affiliate links to specific pages of their websites. Such links are convenient because they take the user directly to the page you have chosen.

For example, if you describe the nature of Switzerland in your post, a good solution would be to place a link to buy airline tickets with a predetermined destination, like the city close to the Swiss Alps. This can increase the percentage of bookings, as users will not have to waste time filling out the form.

There are several ways to create such links. They are described in the following articles:

You can find out how to track conversions and bookings on links in the Monitoring the effectiveness of Links article.