How to get a link to a travel brand's website

When working with travel brands in Travelpayouts affiliate network, you can use different tools:

  • Banners
  • Links
  • Widgets

Note! To receive an affiliate link, you need to be subscribed to a program. Right after registering in the affiliate program, you are subscribed to Aviasales and Hotellook programs by default. Read about links to the websites of these travel brands in the relevant sections.

To get a link to a travel brand's website, go to a program's page and open Tools tab, then click on Links.


  • Title — the name of the link from which you can understand where it leads
  • Date added — when the link was added
  • Language — the language of the travel brand's site page on which it will be displayed after clicking on the link. For some travel brands, the page language is additionally determined by the settings in the user’s browser and has a higher priority than the link language (for example, if the browser language is English and the users clicked on the GE link, they will still be in the English version of the site).

To get the link, click the Copy Link button.

Above the list of links is a search field, with which you can find links by title, and a language filtering unit.

To set a sub ID for all links, paste it into the Sub ID for tools field, which is located above the language filter.

To set the sub ID for a specific link, click on the gear in the link bar and in the window that opens, insert it in the Sub ID field.

Helpful advice: Use the link generator to get a link to any page of the travel brand's website.

For information on how to use links if you do not have a website, read the article First steps.

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