How to get a link to the offer's website

When working with advertisers of the Travelpayouts affiliate network, you can use different tools:

  • banners;
  • links;
  • widgets.

Note! To receive an affiliate link, you must be subscribed to an offer. Right after registering in the affiliate program, you are already subscribed to Jetradar and Hotellook. Read about links to the websites of these companies in the relevant sections.

To get a link to the offer’s website, go to the offer’s page and select «Tools». On the page that opens, click Links.


A list of links leading to a specific page of the advertiser’s website will open.

The block «Your code (copy it)" contains the code for the link to be posted on the website page.

To get a link for posting on social networks or sending by e-mail, drop some of the code from the «Your code (copy it)" block and leave only the content of the href parameter:

To use an additional marker (sub id), paste it into the link after the main affiliate marker, separating them with a dot, for example, where 11111 is the main marker and subid is the additional.

Helpful advice: use the link generator to get a link to any page of the advertiser’s website.

For information on how to use links if you do not have a website, read the article «First steps».

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