How to create links with Travelpayouts Chrome extension

The Travelpayouts platform contains a large number of different offers. Partners have several ways to get affiliate links to the travel brands' websites:

The latter method will be described in this article. 

Installation and configuration process

Open the Google Chrome browser and follow this link to the Travelpayouts Chrome Extension page.

On the launched page click Add to Chrome and confirm the installation.

After installing the extension, it will appear next to the URL bar in your Chrome browser.

Click on the extension icon. A window will open where you need to enter your partner ID (marker).


How to use the extension

Now you can create affiliate links to any pages on the brand's websites. To do this you need to:

1. Go to the brand's website, open any page within the website, and click on the Travelpayouts extension icon in the URL bar. If you're already connected to the program, the affiliate link to the opened page will be immediately displayed.


2. If you need a short link, click the Shorten button.


3. You can add an additional partner ID in the SubID field. It will automatically be inserted into the link.

4. Click the Copy button to get the final link.

How to use the extension without launching travel brands' websites

You can choose an affiliate program without going to its website. To do this, use the Partner Program drop-down list. You will get a link to the home page of the brand's website.



If you're not connected to the affiliate program and went to its website, you'll see a notification with a choice of options:


To connect to the affiliate program, click the Join button, or click Create other to go to the program selection window.

Extension settings

In the extension’s settings, you can change its language and partner ID and select a service for shortening links.


Please note! The choice of language affects not only the extension interface but also the language of the brand's webpage, to which the generated link leads (this only works for brands supporting multiple languages on their websites).

Helpful advice: a green circle appears on the extension icon when you go to a company's website connected to the Travelpayouts Partnership Platform as a travel brand.

If you don’t use Google Chrome at work, use the deep link creation form to create a link to any page on the travel brand's website.