How to change the width of the White Label search form

By default, the Travelpayouts White Label search form is adaptive and automatically adjusts to the screen resolution. However, its maximum size is limited by the style settings. This article provides a code example to change the maximum width of the search form.

1. Open the White Label settings in your Travelpayouts account.

2. Open the Sections tab.

3. Add a <style> tag to the Site Footer block and place the following code in it:

.TPWL-widget .TPWL-template-header-content {
 max-width: 768px !important;
.TPWL-widget--front_page .TPWL-template-header {
 padding-bottom: 25px !important;

4. The max-width parameter sets the maximum size of the search form. In the example above, it is 768 pixels. You can enter any value in pixels or percentages - for example, specify:

 max-width: 100% !important;

In this case, the form will occupy the entire screen, even on the widest monitors: